Manga vs Anime, which is better? We've seen fans argue over this topic many times without any valid reason. So today, 9anime will compare this theme with facts and logic.

After reading this article, you can easily decide which is better and most importantly, which is better for you. Manga is a book with avatars of characters with a stable plot.

Gone are the days when manga were published in Japanese. Now, it is not only available in Japanese, English but also French, Deutsch, Vietnamese… Likewise with anime, anime is gaining popularity at an exponential rate. People are loving anime over real life action. The anime characters are charming, well produced and engaging. Some people are also attracted to female anime characters and call them WAIFU. So now, let's dive into the content and find which one is better than the other.


Before we get into the main story, we would like to confess that we have great respect for all our fans, whether they are manga fans or anime fans. Therefore, we will compare each angle so that the article is not biased.


Sometimes we have to put effort into something in order to achieve it, the wise man said. When you read Manga, you are pouring your money, time and energy into each chapter, so you read it with full concentration. When you read manga, you are in tune with other manga readers and can predict how the story will unfold before those who watch the anime. You become spoiler-free and can capture even a small detail of the show.

Reading manga will not only help you stay ahead of anime viewers, but it will also help you increase your reading skills. Reading comic books at night essentially increases melatonin levels, helping you sleep better. Reading comic books keeps your eyes away from harmful blue light and keeps you refreshed. You can read manga while traveling and in places where you can't hear well.

Sometimes the story in the manga has more depth than the anime adaptation. It is not always the case, but in most cases it is. Take the example of Hunter X Hunter, the story in the manga is more complicated than in the anime. The biggest example of Manga success is One Piece. One Piece is the best-selling manga series in Japan. Furthermore, the Manga is the original material written directly by the Author. The interference of other staff members was minimal in the manga creation process. There are no additions in the Manga that can keep fans close to the story, and there is always continuity. There is no pause in Entertainment without a certain section.

So these are the points that make manga superior to anime, but we also care about anime fans, so now we will discuss some points about How Anime is better than Manga ?


Modern animes not only pay attention to the plot but also the outstanding animation. You just can't compare manga to anime when it comes to Animation. The visualization of battles, Emotional Moments, and Moments of Overwhelm goes far beyond manga. Anime is better for ordinary people who don't have the proper knowledge of how manga is usually read. Another outstanding point of the anime is the Background Music and OST. You tend to connect more with the characters and the music just makes that job easy. Music plays a very important role when shooting action and emotional scenes. The show's comedy element seems better than in the anime because the talented voice actors know in what sense they need to convey that statement.


In the end, Manga is something closer to originality and detail while anime equates to good experience, It's hard to pick one because both have better points? So you pick, your favorites and let us know by watching free movies at